6 YouTubers Every Marketer Should Follow

This week Rick Mathieson (Author of The On-Demand Brand) asked me in an interview what kind of advice I could give to fellow marketers to help them understand YouTube.


If you are average, you watch 4 hours of TV per day, but only 15 minutes of YouTube. At Orabrush, we watch a LOT of YouTube :) That’s right, we are paid to watch YouTube everyday—infact, my wife and I don’t even have a TV.

To help you begin your YouTube addiction, I’ve put together a short list of YouTubers that are on the bleeding edge. I am subscribed to each of them (and many more) and I believe any marketer worth his salt will have these channels in their sub box on YouTube:


This music video promoting pillows has had over 3.4 million views since Sept of last year:

In my opinion, Rhett and Link are thought-leaders in integrating brands on YouTube. Their work in pioneering branding on YouTube has got them recognized by Wired, AdAge, Adweek, The Huffington Post, and others—in my opinion, they deserve much more attention for what they have done.


Tobuscus is a favorite at Orabrush. Here is a promo he did for Zelda (it has almost 1 million views):

Tobuscus has a similar model to RhettandLink. He is building his YouTube channel around ads. Orabrush is shooting a video with Tobuscus this month. Stay tuned for an update.


At Orabrush, we have chosen to work with WheezyWaiter (Craig) three times (herehere, and here). He has also worked with Ford and been in AdAge. Craig’s channel has the most loyal following of any YouTuber I have seen.


This video showcasing Guaraná has over 2.7 million views:

MysteryGuitarMan is a mix of video editing and music. Getting your product placed on his channel is more than most small brands can afford.


This video has over 3 million views:

Although Freddiew has done a commercial with MysteryGuitarMan for Garnier Fructis the real reason I am including him is so you can see what kind of video effects are possible without a budget.

Juicystar07 & Allthatglitters21

Beauty gurus are the hottest thing on YouTube. Blair & Elle are near the top. If your product falls in their domain, theirs is a subscription must. We sent both of these YouTubers Orabrushes to review. When Blair did her review, her fans crashed our servers, sending us more online traffic than the stories done by Nightline or the NYTimes combined!

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  1. I would kindly request that you considering subscribing to my channels too :)

    We’re always looking for new brands to help market. We’ve had great success in the past with Ford, Pepsi, and WePC.com.

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